White Digital Electronic Microscope 1000X 8 LED 200W High Resolution Zoom Endoscope Camera Fixed base: universal metal base Image Resolution: standard 640 * 480, maximum 1600 * 1200
Digital zoom: 5 sections Imaging distance: manual adjustment 10mm to the prospect Static resolution: standard 640 * 480, maximum 1600 * 1200
Auxiliary light source: 8 x white LED lights Magnification: 100X-200X, 50X-400X, 50X-500X, 50X-600X, 800X, 1000X Camera/Video: Built-in
Sensor: high-performance light-sensitive chip Master chip: Dedicated main control 24Bit DSP Drawtube: Monocular
Magnification Ratio: 500X - 1500X Model Number: Digital Electron Microscope Material: Metal
Brand Name: alloet Features: High Definition Theory: Video Microscope
Product ID: 51029Package Weight: 0.23 KGDelivery: 13-18 Working Days
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